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Brian Loomes

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My Funeral Services are dedicated to making a distressing event into a beautiful memory incorporating the life, the loves, the beliefs and the achievements of the deceased.

Many people are unaware that Civil Celebrants are available to conducted funeral services. It is assumed that upon the death of a friend or family member the necessary funeral arrangements are made with the funeral director they need a member of the Clergy to perform the ceremony. This of course is not entirely correct

Civil Celebrants have been officiating at funeral services for many years. I like to call these Life Centred ceremonies because in my opinion the whole of the service and particularly the eulogy must recognise and pay tribute to the life of the deceased whilst it also offers comfort, support and a sense of hope to the survivors. Sometimes funeral ceremonies have failed to recognise the needs of the bereaved and have become meaningless rituals understood by few and seeming to serve no useful purpose.

Many people when confronted with the task of arranging a funeral are immediately placed in a dilemma. Maybe the deceased was not religious, did not attend church or was a non believer. In their opinion it would be hypocritical to ask or expect the Clergy to officiate at the ceremony. Wanting to do the right thing they feel uncomfortable having firstly to ask the Clergy and secondly having that person officiate and deliver prayers and religious functions that are contrary to their own beliefs and the beliefs of the deceased

This problem is solved by obtaining the services of a Civil Celebrant. The family is contacted by telephone and arrangements made to obtain relevant particulars and adhere to all requests. Funeral services are conducted at the chapel of the funeral director, the graveside or crematorium.

This service recognises and pays tribute to the life of the deceased at the same time assisting the bereaved in the grief process by the offering of comfort and support.

The ceremony and eulogy is planned and implemented with care and sensitivity and in accordance with the needs and wishes of the family.

Should you require any one of these services feel free to contact Brian for a friendly chat and seek his advice and guidance in this regard.